Premium Control Cables Mach Zero - Universal Style

  • Premium Control Cables Mach Zero - Universal Style

    The MACH Zero range of universal style cables has an 87mm stroke, which suits outboards, sterndrive and inboard engines. The blue colour cable jacket identifying the MACH range is ideally used as a high performance cable on long cable runs and complex routing. Equivalent to Teleflex CX322 Supreme.

    Designed to fit Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Tohatsu, Selva and Chrysler Force motors.

    Product Features:

    • High efficiency for smooth operation
    • High flexibility for reduced bend radius (ideal for long complex cable routings)
    • Stainless steel cable end fittings
    • High resistance blue jacket against abrasion, UV and chemicals
    • Maintenance free
    • Cable thickness - 8mm
    Length (ft) Stroke (mm)
    10 87
    11 87
    12 87
    13 87
    14 87
    15 87
    16 87
    17 87
    18 87
    19 87
    20 87
    21 87
    22 87
    23 87
    24 87
    25 87
    26 87
    27 87
    28 87
    30 87
    32 87
    33 87
    34 87
    36 87
    38 87
    40 87
    42 87
    44 87

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    Control Cable 10ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050110
    $68.11 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 11ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050111
    $86.56 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 12ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050112
    $90.53 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 13ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050113
    $84.29 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 14ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050114
    $85.99 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 15ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050115
    $89.56 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 16ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050116
    $93.08 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 17ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050117
    $98.65 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 18ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050118
    $100.10 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 19ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050119
    $105.89 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 20ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050120
    $109.49 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 21ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050121
    $110.68 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 22ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050122
    $116.67 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 23ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050123
    $117.78 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 24ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050124
    $123.79 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 25ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050125
    $124.87 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 26ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050126
    $121.89 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 27ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050127
    $126.15 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 28ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050128
    $130.41 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 30ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050130
    $150.79 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 32ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050132
    $160.05 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 33ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050133
    $169.29 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 34ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050134
    $178.06 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 36ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050136
    $189.75 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 38ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050138
    $196.02 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 40ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050140
    $211.97 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 42ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050142
    $253.88 EA (inc GST)
    Control Cable 44ft Mach Zero (33c)
    SKU: 1050144
    $266.35 EA (inc GST)