Timber Treatments & Finishes

Restore the colour and finish of the timber on your vessel with our great range of timber treatments and finishes, all available for delivery to almost anywhere in Australia.

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  • Kleen-A-Deck Teak Brightener

    Teak Brightener is designed to be used directly after Teak Cleaner to bring out the best in your Teak decking.  Apply to wet deck immediately after it has been cleaned with Teak Cleaner using a soft brush or sponge.  Swab complete area liberally, then wash it off thoroughly and allow deck to dry.  Available in 1ltr, 2.5ltr, 5ltr and 20ltr containers.

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    From $15.02 (inc GST)
  • Dekswood - 1 Litre 1170100

    Deks Rens is a wood cleaner that has proven to be a quality product equal to the best in the market.  It will brighten wood surfaces and restore colour to old dirty wood.

    Available in 1ltr cans.

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    $23.68 EACH (inc GST)
  • Penetrol Paint Conditioner & Primer 1170110

    Used for over 55 years throughout the world, Penetrol has played an important part in maintenance painting for leading industrial and shipping firms. Now, more than ever, Penetrol provides many new ways to make a wide variety of tough jobs much easier.

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    $27.50 EACH (inc GST)
    RRP: $29.46
  • Deks Olje Gloss Wood Varnish

    Deks Olje is a penetrating oil that can be used as an alternative to varnish.  
    Available in 1lt and 4ltr tins - in Gloss finish.

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    From $37.79 (inc GST)
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