Spot Trace - Theft-Alert Tracking Device

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    Spot Trace - Theft-Alert Tracking Device SKU: 1040042

    The Spot Trace is a theft-alert tracking device powered by satellite technology that lets you track anything, anytime and anywhere from your boat to your car, jet ski or motorbike.

    When the Spot Trace detects movement it will automatically notify you of its GPS coordinates via SMS or email, so you know exactly where your valuable assets are.

    Note: This device requires a Spot Annual Subscription Plan to function. To find out more about Spot Trace service plans head to

    Product Features:

    • Receive SMS or email messages when movement is detected
    • Monitor your assets in near real time using Google Maps
    • Satellite technology tracks beyond the reach of normal mobile network coverage
    • Choose your tracking intervals from 5,10, 30 or 60 minutes - upgrade to Extreme Tracking for 2.5 minute tracking intervals
    • Compact and easy to install with long battery life and plug in power options

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    RRP: $199.00