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Boat Accessories Australia offers a wide selection of combinations lights, kits & accessories from such well-known brands as Roadvision, Narva, AXIS and JPW Marine available for delivery nation-wide.

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  • LED Submersible Trailer Lights - 7.2m (202) L&R

    LED submersible trailer lights are fully sealed with cable harness fitted. 12 volt LED stop/tail and indicator combination. Available in left or right combo. Right hand light comes with license plate lamp.
    LED | 12v | Sub | Left | Right-N/Plate | Reflector | Cable Harness

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    From $68.78 (inc GST)
  • Trailer Light LED Sub Combo (203) L&R 300mm

    LED submersible trailer lights with 300mm cable are fully sealed stop/tail light, indicator light and reflector combination. Available in left and right hand combos.
    LED | 10-30v | Sub | Left | Right-N/Plate | Reflector | 300mm Cable

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    From $71.14 (inc GST)
  • Trailer Light LED Sub Combo (Series 202) L&R

    LED submersible trailer lights with stop/tail light, indicator light & reflector combination. Left or right hand lights available. Right hand light is fitted with licence plate lamp. All Roadvision lights are the strongest lights on the market.

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    From $54.95 (inc GST)
  • On Sale

    Trailer Light LED Submersible 205x30mm 1300086

    LED trailer light pair, left & right hand light with number plate lamp. The unit is fully sealed & water tight. Wired for easy do-it yourself installation.
    LED | Submersible | Left | Right with N/Plate | Reflector

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    $81.05 PR (inc GST)
    RRP: $124.47
  • LED Submersible Trailer Light 12v

    LED box trailer light left and right hand side sold separately.
    12 volt | LED | Submers | Stop/Tail/Indicator/Plate 

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    From $26.32 (inc GST)
  • Trailer Light Sub LED Twin Blister Pack 1300022

    LED Submersible trailer light kit. Compact stop/tail/Indicator & reflector light. Left and right set.
    LED | 12v | Sub | L&R | Reflector | 300mm Cable

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    $46.89 PR (inc GST)
  • Trailer Light Sub Kit Slimline 9mtr 1301183

    Narva N93642TP 12 Volt LED Slimline Submersible Trailer Light Pack with 9m of hardwired cable per light.

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    $170.54 EA (inc GST)
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    Trailer Light Kit - Box LED 5m Cable 1300064

    LED box trailer lights from Roadvision are made from polycarbonate lens for the highest impact resistant protection from breakage. Pre-wired with 5 meters of cable length.
    LED | 10-30v | Sub | L&R | Reflector | 5m Cable

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    $82.50 PR (inc GST)
    RRP: $122.32
  • On Sale

    LED Trailer Light Kit Submersible Series 41 9-33v 9mtr Cable 1301182

    Narva (Mod 41) LED submersible trailer light combination. Featuring 2 stop/tail, indicator, reflector lamps with 9 meters of tinned cable. Also includes number plate lamp (9m cable). Easily installed with snap-in base system.
    9-33V | LED | Sub | L &R-N/Plate | Stop/Tail/Indicator/Reflector | 9m Cable

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    $258.06 EA (inc GST)
    RRP: $328.35
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