Fishing Boat Fit Out Tips - Increase Your Comfort and Catch More Fish


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Fishing - we love it but it can be a the neck, back, arm and other places. After spending hours in the same position with little opportunity to stretch and move around, it’s no wonder anglers often come back in feeling stiff and sore. That’s why we put these fishing boat fit out tips together to help you get your boat set up perfectly for both comfort and practicality.

If you want to return to work on Monday without a bad back, add some accessories to your boat to make it more comfortable. They might keep the kids from complaining about the less-than-pleasant conditions as soon as the lines are wet, and you may even catch a few more fish.

Think about how you fish and the number of anglers you have to decide on your accessories. Some items cost as little as a few dollars and an hour of your time to install while others are sizable investments that will increase the value of your boat. Some skippers fit out their boat with accessories to make it more saleable as the ultimate fishing vessel.

From boat seats and biminis to bait boards and boxes, there is an accessory you will wonder how you ever did without.    

A Padded Boat Seat is the Ultimate in Luxury

The ultimate in comfort on a fishing boat would have to be a comfortable seat. If you or your passengers sit down during the trip out, your backside can be sore before you even pick up your rod.   

Upgrade your boat’s seating and let everyone’s rear end enjoy a comfortable ride. If you are in a dinghy, the towel placed over the hot metal isn’t a seat. Put in a tinnie seat cushion and cut out the complaints. If you have a runabout with old vinyl seats that are deteriorating faster than a prawn in the hot sun, it’s time to swap them out. Choose a high-quality, mould-resistant foam cushion, durable aluminum frame, and comfy armrests. If you don’t have the room for a large fixed boat seat, you could always use some deluxe padded folding seats that can be stored out of the way.

Keep the Sun Off with a Bimini

We all know the importance of sun protection when we’re on the water. A long-sleeved shirt and hat might keep most of the sun off, but they won’t reduce the temperature in the beating midday sun. Shade is the best way to stay cool and protected.  

A bimini or canopy on your boat is a lightweight metal frame with stretched fabric to give you protection from the sun. A bimini is easily removed or folded back when not in use. If conditions are less than sunny, you can still use it to take cover from the wind and rain. Biminis come in all different height, length and width sizes to suit the height of people underneath as well as the size of the boat.

Check out biminis here.  

Make Baiting the Line Easier with a Fixed Bait Board

If you have been cutting up bait on an old wooden board resting on your lap, it might be time to invest in a proper bait board installed on your boat. While blood and guts will cover the board soon enough, it’s worth thinking about what you want in your bait board.

Make sure you can adjust the board to a comfortable working height. Find one that has a place for the knife, so it doesn’t end up in the drink after you’ve cut up the prawns. Separate tackle compartments for the lures and sinkers are also handy if you want to adjust your fishing line, while baiting up.

Some bait boards fold away when not in use. Rod holders on either side of the bait board are a handy feature if you don’t have enough hands to juggle everything.

Take a look at our range of bait boards to find one that suits your boat.

Keep Bait & Catch Fresh & Within Easy Reach

If a packet of frozen prawns or artificial lures won’t cut it, you need live bait. Bait has the advantage of being able to catch fish with less input from the angler than a lure. Also, a lure doesn‘t impress some fish species and they won’t bother taking a bite unless it smells, tastes and looks like the real thing.

The biggest drawback to bait fishing is keeping live bait alive. Whether you are devoting time to catching your own or spending a small fortune at the shop before each fishing trip, you will need to invest in an oxygenator or aerator to keep them swimming until you are ready to use them.  

If you are using dead bait, you’re only concern is keeping it fresh during a long fishing trip. A bait box with a little ice will mean your bait doesn’t become a hot, flyblown mess by the end of the day. The box also makes it easy to organise your fishing rigs and store your bait so it’s all in the one place. Choose between a freestanding bin or one that hooks onto the side of the boat so it’s in easy reach and keeps the floor of the boat free of gear.

For more information, take a look at bait tank pumps & bait boxes and bins.

Relax your Arm with a Rod Holder

There is nothing worse than not being able to put your rod down all day. Not only will you go home with a sore arm, but you risk your rod falling overboard if you don’t have somewhere to secure it when you need to put it down.

Not everyone wants their rod holders combined with the bait board. Rod holders take up little room and having them dotted around the boat gives anglers the option to move to different spots on depending on the wind and the boat’s movement.

If you want your rod holders in a different part of the boat to your bait board or you need more than two holders on your boat, look at buying separate rod holders. There is a rod holder to suit every rod and boat configuration. If you have more than two rods, try a rod rack with the option of horizontal and vertical mounting. Choose between plastic, aluminum or stainless steel holders.

You can find a full range of rod holders in our online shop.  

With a high-quality, comfortable seat, sun protection, somewhere to store and cut your bait and secure your rod, you are all set to enjoy a day out on the water. All that is left is to fill the esky with cold drinks and lunch, then everyone will be happy.

If you have any queries about accessories for your boat, call one of the experts at Boat Accessories Australia on 1300 308 161 or contact us online.
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