Tidy up your Boat Ready for Sale


So you have decided to sell your boat. Now you want to make sure you get the best possible price so you can upgrade to something bigger and better. Selling a boat is a little different to selling a car. The price of a used car is determined by its age and kilometres on the clock and, to an extent, the condition of the car. With boats, price is weighted heavily on condition. First impressions count. If your boat is clean, tidy and has been well maintained, you are likely to sell your boat quicker and get a better price.

Scrub the Decks

Make sure every nook and cranny on your boat is clean. Nothing puts off a buyer quicker than seeing built-up dirt and grime. Use a high-pressure hose on areas that aren’t accessible. If you have a wooden deck, use a Teak Cleaner to protect the wood and not damage the chaulking. Take out as many of the accessories as you can to clean behind and underneath. Give all the removable seats a good scrub before returning to the boat.

Use an engine and bilge cleaner to remove grease and contaminants. Wash down the fibreglass hull with a Fibreglass Clean and Wax product to remove light oxidation while adding a high gloss finish to it. To clean your trailer body, aluminium boat, bull bars and stainless steel use a light etching acid aluminium cleaner. Canopies, bimini covers and vinyl seats can show their age so use a canopy cleaner. Once your boat is clean, either keep it covered or give it a clean after each trip so it’s always ready to show to a prospective buyer.

It can take hours to thoroughly clean a boat so if you don’t have time to do it yourself, call in a professional cleaner with experience in detailing boats.


Just like selling a home, you want to make sure your boat feels as spacious as possible. If you are selling your boat from home, don’t leave all your fishing gear and nets in the bottom. Take everything out so a prospective buyer can move around and imagine their gear in the boat.


Check the radio, instruments and boat’s electronics. If anything is not working properly, repair or remove it from the boat. You want to reassure a buyer that everything is in good condition.


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Cracked, peeling or lifting decals will make your boat look old and tired. It’s best to remove the decals and affix new ones if you want to get top dollar for your boat. Before you remove the decals remember the paint underneath won’t be as faded as the exposed hull, so if you aren’t replacing the decals, you may be able to see the outline of the old decals.


Every buyer wants peace of mind knowing their new boat has been well-maintained. If possible, provide a service log showing the history. Put all the manuals, registration and warranty information together in a folder so a prospective owner knows you will be handing over all the information. If your boat hasn’t been serviced in a while, book one in before advertising so the boat starts easily and runs well when being tested.

Make sure all flares and safety gear are up to date. If ropes are looking worn, replace them.

Boat Accessories Australia has a range of replacement parts for all types of gear. If there is anything on your boat that needs repairing and you can’t find a part, give us a call on 1300 308 161 or send us an email.

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