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With over 50 years of trim tab experience under their belt, Bennett Marine have always been a company that strives for innovation. With the AutoTrim Pro (ATP), the company has created a system that combines their latest control and display features into one kit to make your day on the boat more enjoyable.

Features and Benefits

The ATP system is available in models to suit either an electric or hydraulic set of trim tabs, giving you a helm display unit that allows you several features to automate and better control your trim tabs such as:

Auto Trim Control: Automatically monitor your boat’s position while adjusting the tabs to correct pitch and roll, dramatically reducing bow rise to improve visibility. One push of the the ‘Bow-Up’ or ‘Bow-Down’ buttons however and full manual command is regained of the trim tabs.

Favourite Settings: Store up to two automatic pitch and roll favourite settings in memory for different applications i.e. increased weight on one side of the boat, rough conditions, etc.

Trim Tab Position & Auto Trim Indication: Indicator lights on the helm display that alert you to the position and movements of the port and starboard tabs in real-time.

One-touch ‘All-Up’ and ‘All-Down’ Buttons: Controls that fully lower or raise tabs with one touch.

Automatic Tab Retraction: Retracts trim tabs to full up position when the boat’s ignition is switched off to protect them during storage and trailering.


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How to Install

The ATP system comes with everything needed to install it on your boat including a drilling template and wiring diagram.

This system is made up of two main components – the Control Unit that handles the system processor and the Helm Display through which the user controls the system. The instructions assume you already have a full set of trim tabs installed on your boat including tabs, actuators and a pump.

The snap-on connectors make assembly easy and orienting the system to your boat will take you a matter of minutes in fairly calm water.

This Bennett Marine video will show you how to install the AutoTrim Pro with Lenco Actuators.

This video by Fish On shows the unboxing of an AutoTrim Pro for a good look at each of the components.

Watch this Bennett Marine video to see how easy it is to complete the one-time set-up and favourite pitch and roll settings.

If you don't want to do the installation of the ATP yourself, you can take the boat to your nearest boat repairs professional. If you have trim tabs on your boat that are a different brand to Bennett Marine, enquire about their compatibility with the AutoTrim Pro.  

If you have any other queries about the Bennett AutoTrim Pro Hydraulic Trim Tab System or Bennett Auto Trim Pro Electric Trim Tab System, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team at Boat Accessories Australia by calling 1300 308 161 or send us an email.

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