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Underwater lighting helps your boat stand out from the crowd at the marina, river or ocean, illuminating it in a rich array of colours that won’t fail to get your guests in the party mood. If you have considered getting some on your boat in the past, now is the time to get organised so you’re ready when the party season starts again. And if hosting a party on your boat isn’t your thing, underwater lights can be great for fishing at night where they not only make it easier to see them in the water but also attract them to your boat!

Boat Accessories Australia stock the UK-based Bluefin range of powerful yet efficient LED lights that provide exceptional quality for boats of every size and configuration that once are almost maintenance-free with a life of 50,000 plus hours!

Which Colour Light to Choose

If you want a choice of coloured lights you can change to best suit your water type and activity, opt for the colour change lights. As well as producing a whole spectrum of colours, they can be strobed, dimmed or sequenced to move in time with music or patterns programmed via a controller. If you’re on a budget or just want a single colour light, Bluefin offers several recommendations for finding the best one for your vessel.

White Lights - a crisp clean beam that performs extremely well in clean water

Blue Lights - more effective than white in murkier waters due to the colour blue having a shorter wave length that allows it to penetrate deeper into the ocean as well as attract fish

Green Lights - suitable for fresh, brackish and dark water, green lights retain their colour better than others; also ideal for attracting fish

Number of Lights Needed

With regard to the number of lights your boat needs to pack a colour punch, Bluefin recommends one-to-five lights from the Piranha range on the transom of centre console and runabout boats and four-to-six of the Hammerhead lights on sports boats. For larger sport fishing boats, four-to-six of the Stingray range are ideal, and for the largest of boats and yachts the Great White lights can be placed along the transom and down the sides of the boat.   


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LED Light Range

There are four ranges of lights available depending on the size and type of boat you own.

Piranha - Lights for 7-14 metre Boats

The Piranha P3 Underwater LED Light is a small but powerful light capable of producing 1400 lumens that makes it suitable for all boat types up to seven metres. They have a 95mm diameter light and an optical grade high-impact polymer lens with a 60-degree beam angle. The 60 degree angle is a more focused beam compared to other types that creates a more direct beam of light.

The Piranha P6 Nitro Underwater Lights produce 3150 lumens that will suit boats up to 14 metres in length and are available in single colours of diamond white, cobalt blue, emerald green and sapphire blue in either 12v or 24v. The Piranha P6 Colour Changing LED Underwater Light produces a slightly lower 2700 lumens but gives you a multi-colour option so you can change the colour depending on the water type as discussed previously.

Both the P3 and P6 are available with a high-quality marine-grade bronze and aluminium housing. The bronze housing is for use with fibreglass boats and the aluminium with aluminium boats. The bronze housing can be used on an aluminium boat but the two metals must be separated by enough adhesive so they do not touch as this can cause corrosion via electrolysis.

The most powerful of the Piranha range is the Piranha P12 Surface Mount LED Underwater Light which produces an impressive 5500 lumens for boats up to 20 metres and is also suitable for transom or side hull mounting. The Piranha P12 Surface Mount LED Underwater Light offers a dual colour of white and blue.

Hammerhead - Lights for up to 25m Boats

The Hammerhead light series are made of marine-grade bronze and have reverse polarity protection and a protective coating to prevent marine growth. The Hammerhead H16 Underwater LED Light has 6600 lumens suitable for transom mounting on boats up to 20 metres while the H20 Surface Mounted Underwater LED Boat Light offers a huge 12500 lumens to suit boats up to 30 metres. The H48 RGBW Colour Change LED Underwater Light produces up to 12000 lumens in a variety of brilliant colours and be used with the Bluefin RGBW WIFI DMX Controller to change the colour and strobe to the beat of music or another programmed pattern using the controller’s glass touchpad and colour wheel.

Stingray - Lights for 30m Boats

For the larger boats, the Stingray range offers thru-hull installation with only a 25mm hole and two wires to connect.Thru-hull installation offers a more secure and flush fitting that’s ideal for transom side and bottom hull mounting. The Stingray S16 Thru Hull LED Underwater Boat Light produces lumens of 6600 for boats up to 20 metres.The Stingray S20 Thru Hull LED Underwater Boat Light produces 12500 lumens for boats up to 30 metres. The Stingray S48 Thru Hull LED Underwater Boat Light Colour Change is multicoloured with lumens of up to 12000.

Great White - Lights for 30m+ Boats & Yachts

The Great White range of lights are flat profiles with only a 4mm bezel and internal driver system for mounting options. These have the same thru-hull mounting option as the Stingray series, but with the added benefit of a removable LED cartridge for quick and easy replacement or change of colour. The lights are suitable for both transom and side mounting on all hull types. The Great White GW16 Thru Hull Interchangeable LED Underwater Boat Light produces 6600 lumens while the GW20 Thru Hull Interchangeable LED produces 12500 lumens. The Great White GW48 Colour Change LED Underwater Light produces up to 12000 lumens.


Whether you want something to get the party started or another tool to aid your next fishing trip, underwater lighting can make a huge difference to your enjoyment out on the water. If you’ve been thinking about getting some for your boat, now is the time to get them installed. With Bluefin Underwater LED Lights, installation is a breeze and will get your boat looking better than ever in next to no time at all!

Bluefin LED Underwater Lighting Demonstration Video

If you need any advice on the range or number or lights your boat needs to stand out, call Boat Accessories Australia on 1300 308 161 or send us an email.

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