Anchoring Basics - Components and Accessories


Different boat sizes and seabeds require different anchors and components to ensure the anchor is effective. The ability to anchor properly should never be left to chance. Whether you are stopping the boat to fish, swim or wait for help to arrive you need to know your anchor is up to the task and that you have the right equipment for the job.

Below is a list of some of the most common items and components used for anchoring on boats of all sizes.

Anchoring Basics - Components and Accessories

Anchor Rope and Chain

Marine grade anchor rope and chain is needed for attaching to the anchor and is essential. Some retailers make anchor rope kits available or you can purchase an anchor and rope separately.  

Anchor Winch

An anchor winch helps take the hard work out of dropping and retrieving the anchor. Electric versions have a gearbox system that can easily be activated with the press of a button for safer and less strenuous boating.

Bow Roller

Bow rollers provide easier retrieval and anchor rope laying. They come in a range of sizes to suit the brand and size of the anchor. Most bow rollers are made from marine grade stainless steel but they also are available in aluminium and plated chrome. Replacement nylon or polyurethane rollers are also available.

Navigation Anchor Light

Anchor lights are used when the boat is anchored between sunset and sunrise. Various sizes are available to suit different sizes of boats.


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Anchor Retrieval System

Pulling up a heavy anchor and chain can be automated using retrieval systems like the Ezy Lift Anchor Clip that use the power of the boat plus the buoyancy and drag of a float buoy in the water.

Anchor Well

An anchor well ensures your anchor is always tidy and in the right place ready for access when needed. Many are made from UV-stabilised polyethylene to stand up against the harsh rays of the sun and the marine environment.


Cleats are available in stainless steel, aluminium or nylon and come in a range of sizes and styles to suit your boat. Most are attached to the boat with a backing plate and screws but weld-on options are available. The cleat should be large enough to hold the rope you are using.


Fairleads or bow chocks are used to guide the anchor line off to the side particularly when you have two anchors deployed. The chocks can keep your rope away and prevent damaging other hardware.

Anchor Safety Stop

The chain stopper safety strap is designed to prevent the anchor from deploying if it is unintentionally released, or powers out accidentally. These are typically made from plastic-coated stainless steel wire rope with a shackle clip for connecting to a chain and eye bolt secured to the deck.

Anchor Bag

It’s a good space-saving idea to keep your anchor out of the way and in a bag when it’s not needed. Designed to hold the folding grapnel anchor, a padded anchor bag is available in multiple sizes to fit a range of anchors.

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