Boat Maintenance – Motors


Boat Maintenance – Motors


Servicing Motors

Before taking your boat to a servicing group, make sure to locate the unique serial number on the motor to determine what year it was originally manufacturer.

All motors made before 1990 need to be taken to a specialised service group however Any motor made beyond this can be taken to an authorised servicer that would usually be listed on the manufacturers website.

Serial Number on a Mercury Motor

Clean Fuel Tank

If you’re not going to be using your boat for a while, the petrol in your tank will begin to deteriorate after a little more than a month. This means that next time you take it out on the water, you’ll have stale fuel running through your engine that could result in difficulty starting and reduced performance at best, as well as a very expensive repair bill if you haven’t used it until the next summer.

To defend against this, it’s important to use engine lubrication and additives such as Sta-Bil Marine Fuel Stabiliser with the fuel in the tank. Fuel stabilisers such as this work to keep the fuel fresh and stop the formation of gum and varnish deposits within the fuel system. They also contain corrosion prevention additives to fight against the damaging effects of Ethanol in fuel as well as clean fuel system components.

Sta-Bil Marine Fuel Stabiliser 236ml

Identical gas filtered after accelerated aging equal to 3 months of storage

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Replace Old Fuel with New

If you’re going to add a stabiliser, it’s best to fill up your tank with a full tank of new fuel as this will prevent the build-up of a microscopic fungus known as hormoconis resinae that thrives in the empty parts of the fuel tank. A good step to prevent this is by using FCC Fuel Conditioner that absorbs the water from the fuel system, thereby removing the environment where the bugs live.

FCC Fuel Conditioner


Inspect Fuel Lines

Fuel lines are important to inspect before and after storage to check for leaks and any possible damage that could affect performance in the future. Fuel lines and accessories like outboard fuel hoses and primer bulbs are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet light rays, dictating that these parts get replaced on a regular basis.

Outboard Fuel Primer Bulbs

Fuel Line Assembly Kit



Check Fuel Filters

Fuel Filters prevent water from getting inside the fuel tank or engine and because of this it's important to make sure they are kept clean and replaced.

While it depends on how much time you spend out on the water, the general rule is to replace your fuel filter every six months.


Water Separating Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter w/ Head & Bowl

That's all for now, stay tuned to find out how to take care of the batteries on your boat during the winter months in our next blog post!

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