Getting the Best Performance from Trim Tabs with the Right Accessories

Trim Tabs

Trim tabs offer you a more comfortable ride, better fuel economy and less stress on the hull if they are used to their optimum performance. Trim tabs vary from simple manual units to the latest in automated self-levelling control systems.

Trim tabs were originally only used on large cruisers however they are now common on boats of all sizes from three metres onwards. As the popularity of trim tabs has increased so has their performance and the accessories available for them. Here are some that will help deliver better control, response and functionality to your system.

Bennett Marine Trim Tabs & Accessories

Bennett Marine launched the first adjustable marine trim tab in 1959 and have earned a reputation for durable and reliable trim tab systems, that have been installed on millions of boats worldwide.There are various parts and accessories available for both the standard hydraulic and electric trim tab systems to provide better performance.

There is a lot to think about when you are the skipper of a boat and with a Bennett Marine trim tab accessory, you can improve your it’s performance and cut down on the need for constant adjustments. The Bennett EURO Rocker Switch has spring-loaded buttons to provide a positive click to let you know when the trim tabs are engaged. It also has an additional lock-out feature to make it impossible for you to press opposite directions at the same time.



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The Bolt Trim Tab Switch/EIC/Retractor is a three-in-one rocker switch control, Electronic Indicator Control (EIC) and Auto Tab Retractor. The unit features a relay module mounted near the transom to reduce the number of wires needed to run to the helm and simplify installation. The highly accurate kit uses variable intensity LEDs for night and day use.

Bennett Marine also manufacture an Auto Tab Control Relay Module that reduces the drop in voltage in trim tab systems that use longer wire runs. The module also prevents blowing a fuse if the Bow-Up and Bow-Down buttons are pressed at the same time on older trim tab controls like the RT1000 and RS1000.

The Trim Tab Hydraulic Pump Unit creates hydraulic pressure to lower and raise your trim tabs. Two solenoid valves direct the flow of fluid to the boat’s actuators. The Bennett pump unit can hold the largest tabs tightly in place.

The Bennett patented Auto Tab Control System takes the guesswork out of trim tabs. By calculating more than one thousand attitude readings per second, the auto tab control system adjusts your trim tabs in response to changing boat speed, sea conditions and shifting weight. The system takes the hard work out of manually controlling trim tabs.

The Auto Tab Retractor connects the trim tab and engine ignition switch. When the engine is switched off the retractor ensures your trim tabs are all the way up so they aren’t damaged during towing, trailering and storage.

The Tab Position Indicator Kit works with all Bennett Trim Tabs to show the deflection percentage of each trim tab using LED lights for day or night use.

Existing trim tabs on most boats can be easily retro-fitted with automated trim-tab controls and accessories. If you need any advice about trim tabs and the accessories available to optimise performance, call Boat Accessories Australia on 1300 308 161 or send us an email.

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