Underwater Boat Lights

Anglers have used lights to illuminate the water behind or under their boats for years, attracting bait fish and the bigger fish that eat them.  The new generation of Light Emitting Diode (LED) underwater lights can be used not only to attract fish and improve your catch, but also to create fantastic visual effects around your boat when it is parked up.  They can be aimed straight down or out to the side, and will make your boat really stand out.  LED lights are more energy efficient than traditional lights, draw much less power and contain no toxic elements.  You also need less LED lights to achieve the same level of brightness given off by traditional lights.  LED lights cost more, but they are worth it in the long run because of these factors.
Your colour choice depends on the water conditions the lights will be used in and what you are using them for.  Blue looks the best in a wide range of water conditions, whereas white is ideal in shallow water with sandy bottoms.  Green looks good on inland waterways or in water with lots of silt, and red lights add energy and vibrancy to the water.  Colour-changing lights offer almost unlimited colour options that can be strobed, dimmed or sequenced to complement your enviroment or mood.
Surface-mount underwater lights only need small holes and screws for power and mounting, and are most often seen on smaller boats and yachts.  They can be mounted on either the transom or hull, depending on the characteristics of the light.  Thru-hull underwater lights are installed on the transom of bigger powerboats requiring the brightest LEDs.  They need a larger hole drilled into the hull.  Interchangeable thru-hull lights can be installed on the transom, side and bottom of larger powerboats but can be serviced from the inside with the boat still in water (unlike thru-hull lights).
Boat Accessories Australia stocks a range of underwater boat lights and accessories from Bluefin LED and RW Basham.
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