Trim Tabs

Trim tabs are small metal plates connected to the back edge of a boat to control the trim of the controls by adjusting the angle of the tab relative to the larger surface.  They can be used to improve the performance of your boat, as well as increasing engine efficiency and safety.  Benefits of installing trim tabs on your boat include:
  • Getting 'on plane' faster when accelerating
  • Correct listing
  • Eliminate porpoising
  • Reduce pounding
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce engine labouring
  • Improve visibility
  • Reduce wake size & hull stress
Trim tabs improve the ride of even the largest power boats, but you will notice the difference much more on a smaller boat.  Whether to choose hydraulic or electric trim tabs depends on whether your boat is kept in or out of the water when not in use.  Hydraulic trim tabs are best suited to boats kept in water because the electric pump is mounted inside the boat in a dry location.  They also work very well at high speed and in rough water.  Electric trim tabs are more often found on smaller boats as they are best suited to boats kept out of the water when not in use.
Bennett Marine trim tabs are some of the best on the market and proudly stocked by Boat Accessories Australia in hydraulic, electric and self-levelling models to suit boats as short as 3m all the way up to over 18m.  We also sell a range of accessories such as automatic tab control systems, tab position indicator kits and hydraulic-to-electric conversion kits.

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