Fisherman's Eye Camera Mount

  • Fisherman's Eye Camera Mount SKU: 1070007

    The Fisherman’s Eye Camera Mount is a simple yet effective and affordable way of getting your waterproof GoPro Camera down to your favourite fishing sites, helping you to better understand the world beneath your boat.

    It has been developed for ease of use, but more specifically designed to help reduce the chance of losing your camera. A unique high-density EPS float helps the camera to maintain its buoyancy while at depths of up to 60m.

    By dropping a camera for just a few minutes on new ground, you can determine whether to continue to fish this area, and what to identify this mark with on your plotter or GPS.

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    Product features:

    • Compatible with GoPro cameras
    • Explore your favourite fishing spots and learn more about fish behaviour
    • Tie-off point allows you to adjust the camera up and down the line
    • Camera can be positioned at different angles
    • Unique high-density EPS float helps the camera maintain its buoyancy and stability while filming
    • Use the camera's Bluetooth connectivity option to view your underwater footage in minutes

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    1. Peel backing off double-sided tape on back of float and stick to back of camera. This will require 24 hours to set.
    2. Attach Camera Mount to fishing line by feeding line down through holes leaving the tie off bollard at the top, and tie the line to a swivel. We recommend the use of minimum 24kg/50lb breaking strain mono line or 45kg/100lb braid line on a fishing rod and reel combo or handline. We recommend using the heaviest pound line possible for your main line.
    3. Attach approximately 1m of 20-30lb mono line to the bottom of the swivel and tie on a 12-16oz sinker to the bottom of the line. This line and sinker will break first in a snag and will help to reduce the chance of losing your camera and camera mount (line and sinker size may vary depending on personal preference).
    4. Position the camera mount at the desired distance up the line. Wrap the main line around the Camera Mount bollard in a figure 8 and then use a half hitch to secure. In areas of heavy coral snags, it would be recommended not to tie off the Camera Mount to line with half hitch in case the line was to cut on sharp coral/snags using only a figure 8 will allow the buoyancy of the float to set the camera mount free and owner to search for camera on surface of water.
    5. Check the seal of camera housing for sand or dust, wipe clean to ensure good seal. Attach camera to camera mount and adjust to the desired angle of view. Turn camera on to video, lower camera to bottom, then wind back approximately 1m. Keeping the camera line's sinker off the bottom reduces the movement of the camera and creates better footage. The camera will move around in an uncontrolled manner in very still conditions, it is best to be moving with slight breeze (drifting) or driving very slowly. The camera will film facing away from the vessels movement.
    6. Be sure to adjust the drag (loose) on your fishing rod with the Camera Mount so if your line gets snagged you will be able to drive back over the top to try and release the snag before breaking the line.

    Warning: Do not exceed manufacturers depth limits for camera. Do not use in areas of high shark population. Do not use during times of high tidal water movement. Do not use in areas with large snags or heavy thick weed. This camera mount is not designed for casting or trolling. Using either of these methods could result in the loss of your camera and camera mount.

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