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Boat Accessories Australia offers a wide range of general cleaning products for boats including sprays and conditioners for bathroom & toilets, clears & windows, deck & hull as well as personal hygiene.

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  • E-Soft Toilet Tissue Roll 2012815

    $2.95 EA (inc GST)
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    Marine Bleach Cleaner

    Peter G's Liquid Bleach is a heavy duty, multi-purpose bleach that can be used as a stain remover, for laundry and also as a water purifier.

    Available in 1ltr, 2.5ltr and 20ltr containers.

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    From $5.50 (inc GST)
    RRP: $8.18
  • Scrubber Pad - Hand Held 2010828

    $5.95 EA (inc GST)
    Out of stock
  • Glass Cleaner

    This product is a high quality non streaking glass cleaner for mirrors, internal glass and stainless steel, external windows, car and boat windscreens.

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    From $7.74 (inc GST)
  • Night 'N' Day Liquid Soap

    Night & Day All Over Body Liquid Soap.  An excellent shower and bath soap that is very effective in preventing skin irritations and itch, dermatitis and other skin conditions.  With its ability to lather in all water conditions, this makes it a must for all travellers.

    Available in 250ml pump packs, or 1ltr and 5ltr containers.

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    From $12.07 (inc GST)
  • Night 'N' Day Shampoo

    Night & Day Shampoo for salt or brackish water is an extremely high quality shampoo suitable for all hair types in all water conditions - fresh or sea water.  With balanced PH it will assist in preventing dandruff and itchy scalp.

    Available in 250ml pump packs or 1ltr containers.

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    From $12.09 (inc GST)
  • Glass & Laminate Cleaner 500gm 1170327

    Suitable for removing soils, water spots, oils and lipsticks from glass mirrors, glazed ceramics, windows, baked enamel and all laminate surfaces.

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    $13.66 CAN (inc GST)
    RRP: $16.63
  • Boat Wash In A Bottle 473ml 1170854

    Star Brite Boat Wash In A Bottle has a biodegradable formula designed to safely clean dirt and grim from fibreglass, metal, plastics, vinyl and all painted surfaces.

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    $13.83 BTL (inc GST)
  • RAIN-X Original Water Repellent 207ml 1170438

    Rain-X Original Glass Water Repellent dramatically improves visibility on the exterior glass of your boat by repelling water.

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    $13.99 EA (inc GST)
    RRP: $19.27
  • Trem Synthetic Chamois 2014629

    A quality synthetic chamois cloth packaged in a convenient plastic storage container.

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    $14.66 EA (inc GST)
    Out of stock
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    Septone Marine Cut N Polish Compound 500ml 1170454

    Septone Cut 'N' Polish restores the shine to new or chalked paint and can be used for machine buffing or hand rubbing.

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    $15.95 EA (inc GST)
    RRP: $19.04
  • Kleen-A-Deck Teak Cleaner

    Peter G's Teak Cleaner is an easy to use wood cleaner used for the effective cleaning of all types of wood decking and has been proven to not affect caulking.  This product is very popular and is used by super yachts all over Australia.
    Available in 1ltr, 2.5ltr, 5ltr and 20ltr containers.

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    From $16.58 (inc GST)
  • Scuff ORF Cleaner

    Formulated for the removal of unsightly buoy / tyre marks, shoe scuffs and hard to clean marks. Ideal for diesel exhaust smoke deposits on hulls, trailers, caravans and tauntliner trailers.

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    From $16.94 (inc GST)
    RRP: $19.42
  • Kleen - A - Hull

    Designed to remove discolouration, water stains, scuff marks and rust from fibreglass, aluminium, stainless chrome and steel without affecting the surface.  This product is extremely popular and is available in 1ltr, 2.5ltr and 20ltr containers.

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    From $17.75 (inc GST)
  • Septone Aluminium Cleaner

    The Septone MCA1 Aluminium Cleaner is a highly effective etching type acid cleaner designed primarily for the cleaning of aluminium.

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    From $18.73 (inc GST)
  • Super Orange All Purpose Citrus Cleaner Degreaser 650ml 1170852

    Star Brite All Purpose Citrus Cleaner Degreaser cuts through tough dirt, grime and oil to leave a sparkling clean surface behind.

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    $19.90 BTL (inc GST)
    Out of stock
  • Acetone Cleaning Solvent

    Septone's Acetone Cleaning Solvent is an extremely versatile solvent for resins, gums, fats, oils, waxes, rubber, plastics, nitrocellulose, paints, lacquers, varnishes, adhesives and rubber cements.

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    From $19.93 (inc GST)
  • 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner 600gm 1170328

    Cleaner and polish for stainless steel and suitable for use with microfibre cloths.

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    $20.27 CAN (inc GST)
    RRP: $24.39
  • Screen Cleaner and Protectant With PTEF 237ml 1170835

    Star Brite Screen Cleaner and Protectant removes fingerprints, smudges and salt deposits from all marine electronics and plastics.

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    $20.78 BTL (inc GST)
  • Clear Plastic Restorer 237ml 1170836

    Star Brite Clear Plastic Restorer is designed to restore clarity while reducing hazing and scratches from Strataglass, Eisinglass and other plastic surfaces on your boat.

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    $21.30 BTL (inc GST)
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