Dropping Anchor with the Stress Free NG Winch


Dropping Anchor with the Stress Free NG Winch

Stress Free Marine electric boat anchor winches are designed to help you raise and lower your anchor quickly, safely and effortlessly.

While they’re an invaluable tool for any boat owner regularly out on the water, they must be used correctly for the sake of both your winch and your anchor.

Today we’re looking at one of their most popular products, the Next Generation (NG) series of winches and showing step-by-step how to operate them next time you're out at sea.

If you're interested in knowing more about the NG series, make sure to check out the range available in various sizes ranging from Mini to Midi, Maxi and Mighty!

Step 1. Get on Mark

Locate you spot you want to deploy the anchor and engage the circuit breaker to power up the winch. The circuit breaker is off when the arming lever is pointing down so to activate it, all you need to do is swing it up into its recess.

To disengage the circuit breaker, simply push the red button. Note: The circuit breaker should typically be deactivated whenever operation of the winch is not required.

Stressfree NG Circuit Breaker

Step 2. Displace the Anchor

Push the bow switch down to displace the anchor from the bow sprit so you now have weight over the bow. Put the boat in reverse and turn the actuator switch to the ‘On’ position to disengage the drum off the drive system and allow it to free spool.

The drum will continue to free spool at up to 600 feet per minute while there is still weight pulling down. Once the anchor hits the bottom the drum will slow down then stop.

Step 3. Get in Position

With the winch in free fall mode, you can continue to idle back. The drum will continue to rotate freely until the boat is stationary. When you are happy with your position and on top of your mark, stop the boat then switch the actuator switch to ‘Off’.

It's important to remember you cannot power up or power down whilst in free fall mode - the anchor must go to the bottom. Do not try to re-engage the drum on to the drive system until the drum has stopped free spooling.

Step 4. Lock drum back into drive system and power down

Lock the drum back into the drive system by inching the down switch – you will hear the drum lock back into the drive system. Now you are back to the features of the standard power up/power down Stress Free. Disengage the circuit breaker to cut power to the winch.

Step 5. Anchor Retrieval

Engage the circuit breaker to power up the winch. Start your engine, slowly moving forward while simultaneously pushing the ‘Up’ switch. Continue to push the ‘Up’ switch until you can see the chain then inch the switch to bring the anchor up and lock into the bow sprit. Disengage the circuit breaker to cut power from the winch.

For more information, check out the range of Stress Free products online at Boat Accessories Australia. Plus check out this handy Stress Free instructional video for more handy hints as well as to see the winch in action -

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