Introducing the Rocna Vulcan Anchor


The Vulcan anchor is Rocna’s first major design development since the launch of the highly successful and acclaimed Rocna anchor itself.

It features a unique combination of shank and fluke geometry – including an innovative roll-palm at the rear of the fluke – which self-rights the anchor on the seabed without the use of a roll-bar.

This is assisted by the V-bulb which extends fluke ballast downward to gain maximum leverage and efficiency.

This development permits a larger fluke surface area than competing designs which rely on simple dead weight, while the concave fluke directly equates to more holding power and security.

The omission of a roll-bar along with a carefully designed shank profile ensures a snug fit on the bows of a wider range of vessels.

The Vulcan’s shank shape encourages self-launching and self-stowing upon retrieval on the majority of bow rollers, with a liquid smooth action to ensure ease of use for all operators.

In addition to the use of high tensile steel, shank strength is optimised by a unique I+V profile shank design, granting improved resistance to bending courtesy of a computer optimised I-beam geometry.

This visually elegant innovation also improves setting performance, with the lower V edge cutting into the seabed and minimising resistance to a deep and secure burial.

To find out how much of a difference a Vulcan Anchor can make to your boating experience, check out the full range of Vulcan anchors available from Boat Accessories Australia.

Also be sure to out the Vulcan being put to the test as well as the rest of the Rocna range in the video below.

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