Get Your Stuff Back with Trace - Exploring the Spot Trace Theft-Alert Tracking Device

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Get Your Stuff Back with Trace: Exploring the Spot Trace Theft-Alert Tracking Device

Each year hundreds of boats are reported stolen in Australia leading to losses in excess of $11 million dollars in assets for boat owners.

While this pales in comparison to the figures for stolen motor vehicles, the initiatives in place to deter and prevent boat theft are significantly laxer.

Initiatives to better identify boats through initiatives such as the National Marine Registry and DataDot technology have been helpful in identifying stolen vessels but these measures unfortunately do not help in stopping the vessel from being stolen.

Additionally the larger sizes and plug-in power restrictions of older satellite tracking technology made it hard to a) keep the tracking device hidden effectively and b) not drain the boat’s battery.

That’s where the Spot Trace comes in. The Spot Trace is an extremely compact (6.83 x 5.13cm) theft-alert tracking device that uses Pivotel satellite technology to detect motion.

If this happens, the Trace then instantly sends a text or e-mail with a notification and tracking coordinates to the owner.


When moving it will send a signal every 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes depending on the user’s settings choice.

Users can also check the location using the Spot Trace satellite asset tracker to keep on top of the location for notifying authorities.

To find out more about the product as well as other great Spot products such as the Spot Gen3 Messenger Device, check out the Pivotel brand page on Boat Accessories Australia.

The Spot Trace has already assisted in the recovery of stolen items, one example of which you can see in the video below to give you a better overview of the Trace:


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